At the present time we have two types of homes and we take both men and women. The first are Sober Homes where the member must have at least 30 days of recovery to enter. The program’s structure in these homes for support is the same as in our other type of homes but some of the rules are  different due to the accomplishment of longer term sobriety. We take both the alcoholic  and those cross addicted while we have experience with multiple addictions.  
Our second type of home is a Recovery Home where the member must have at least 5 days of recovery to enter AND BE THROUGH DETOX. The rules are more structured to achieve more support for those in early recovery. Members entering these homes will have an opportunity to move to a Sober Home once they have achieved at least 30 days of recovery, COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY A PROBATION PERIOD, are successfully full-filling program guidelines, and have shown they are ready to move. We have one member with over 9 years of sobriety living in this home.*
You can read more about the program requirements and the rules in our FORMS FOR PROGRAM OR CLICK HERE to go directly to the forms’ pages. If you need further clarification after reading or have any questions please feel free to use our CONTACT PAGE for further assistance.**
*Presently, we are taking only members who would be eighteen years of age upon entry or older.
The elements of sobriety…

** Please note that we will work with the court system and probation departments in keeping them abreast of a member’s  sobriety and  in meeting their and our program requirements.